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The Odyssey is a beautifully crafted bed designed with an all-in-one aesthetic that keeps everything couples need within arm’s reach. More than simple furniture, The Odyssey is functional in its form and adjusts to fit every couple’s unique needs whether for a comfortable night’s sleep or an incredible sexual journey.

How It Works: The Odyssey boasts several key features – some hidden from plain sight – that make it the most unique and beautiful bed you’ll ever lie in.

  • Adjustable Height: Couples come in all sizes and so should their bed. The Odyssey can be adjusted up to 4.5 inches to position a mattress at almost any desired height.
  • Hidden Storage: Keep the essentials close (and off the floor) with storage located in the headboard. Store blankets, pillows and sex essentials within reach – and where curious eyes can’t see them.
  • Ambient Lighting: The Odyssey comes with LED lights installed under the side rails easily controlled by switches on the headboard. Enjoy the perfect amount of mood light when bright lamps just won’t cut it.
  • Electrical Outlets: The Odyssey features a pop-out outlet that allows for three items to be plugged in at once with a USB outlet to charge any USB device. Additional outlets are located on the backside of the headboard to power lamps, alarm clocks or anything else you need by the bedside.
  • Discreet Straps: The Odyssey features six discreetly places handles/straps around its framework for couples who enjoy a bit of light bondage.
  • Framework: The Odyssey is built from solid Alder wood and reinforced with specially designed brackets made to minimize wobbling, creaking or squeaking – no matter how much motion you make.
  • Available Sizes: The Odyssey Bed is available in three sizes: Queen, Eastern King, and Cal. King.
  • ** Mattress and Box Spring are not included in the purchase of a bed. **

How It’s Made: The Odyssey is built from solid Alder wood with steel connectors, reinforced joints and solid rails to create a sturdy bed that won’t wobble, shake or squeak. Every connection point is covered in soft felt to prevent the wood from rubbing together and causing even the slightest creek. The high headboard offers comfort and support in seated positions and can easily be covered by pillows to conceal the hidden storage doors. Each headboard is upholstered using Ultraleather™, an anti-microbial vegan leather alternative that is stain-resistant, easily cleaned and instantly acclimates to your body temperature.

Headboard Only Option: Our headboard only option still keeps your toys with-in arms reach with our Hidden Storage, four Discreet Straps, Electrical Outlets, and Ambient Lighting for that elegant look and mood for your room.   We received feedback from customers asking for a solution for their adjustable bed.