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The Essence Chair is the ultimate piece of home furniture with an elegant and discreet design that functions as a comfortable Chair and a durable and adjustable intimacy enhancer – only you will know the difference. The Chairs unique curvature follows the ergonomics of the human body to enable men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages and activity levels to experience the deepest level of intimacy with their partners. Never before have couples felt this close.

See how the Essence Chair and Companion Ottoman can work for you in various possible positions!


How It Works Reclining: The Essence Sex Chair’s elongated curve sits on a patent-pending steel rail system that allows it to recline and lock into seven positions. These seven angles make it possible for couples to experiment with an array of sexual positions known to provide the best sexual stimulation – but are ordinarily too difficult to maintain. With support of the lower back, hips and other easily fatigued areas of the body, couples can enjoy the best sex of their lives and even experience mutual, multiple and simultaneous orgasms. The Essence Chair also ships with the Companion Ottoman to continue its natural flowing lines and open up even more intimate possibilities. The Companion Ottoman is comfortable on its own, or to provide additional support and durable footing for more difficult positions. 

How It’s Made: The Essence Chair is handcrafted in the U.S. from solid Red Oak, a wood known for its flexible and superior strength. Lightweight enough to lift yet durable enough to support two grown adults, The Essence Chair is built using steel brackets and bearings rated to hold 1,000 pounds each with triple-reinforced joints made to last a lifetime. And every unit undergoes intense durability testing prior to shipment for quality assurance. The Essence Chair’s soft cushions are upholstered using Ultraleather™, an anti-microbial vegan leather alternative that is stain-resistant, easily cleaned and instantly acclimates to your body temperature. The Essence Chair is available in two different wood finishes and 5 fabric colors and can be custom built to match the aesthetic of any room in your home.


** As of May 2017, the headrest has been discontinued due to feedback from our clients.  We are working on updating all the images where it is shown.