Just a Few of the Possibilities

A few more Positions with endless possibilities

We all know what holiday comes in December … So we say get some ribbon out and tie your partner up and then take some time and unwrap each other. You can use any thing you have around the house, tie’s, ribbon, belts, whatever. Tie one end to one of the six (6) hidden straps placed around our Odyssey Bed. Then tie the other end…well you get the point! In the end, be sexy, be flirty, tell each other what you want, but most of all have fun!

Deeper and Deeper…

The adjustably of the Essence Chair is key for this months position.  You might need to experiment with a few different chair positions to get this one perfect for you.  But once you get the Essence Chair set to your liking, the penetration is unbelievable! He is standing, while she is turned around backwards on the Essence Chair with her hips just at the edge of the back of the Chair. Depending on the angle of the Chair you set, she might need to use her hands to keep from sliding down, or he could actually hold onto her hips to accomplish the same task keeping her hands free.  This position allows for her legs to do a number of things… Her legs can wrap around his body, she hang her legs over the Chair, she can put her legs straight up against his chest, one leg up one leg down… this position is like seven positions in one!  Find the sweet spot and you’ll want to go back to this one again and again!

End Summer with a Bang!

Your going to need the Essence Chair and the Ottoman for this one. Take the Essence Chair and recline it to one of the last two positions, and place the Ottoman in front like pictured above. You will need the Ottoman for support. Get ready to see a whole other side of her! He should lay down on the Essence Chair with his feet on the Ottoman. He can use the headrest or remove it, it all depends on whats comfortable. Now this is where it gets fun. She whips her leg over and straddles him facing the opposite direction. She can also use the Ottoman for support or just grab on to his legs. To kick the position up a notch, she takes her feet and places them on the side of the chair just under his shoulders. Let the Essence Chair support both of you and hold on. This is a great position for him to explore her body from behind. Touch he in areas you don’t really get to go that often, all while she is in the drivers seat. Trust me, this will become one of your favorite positions!

Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay!

Let’s take the month of July and use the Essence Chair to work on and improve Foreplay! Takes turns and adjust the chair and find out what positions are your favorite. Take some time, slow it down, don’t rush, and have a little fun and make it last! This is good month to find out what he/she likes, or doesn’t like about foreplay. Communicate and be honest about those likes and dislikes. During foreplay pay attention to each other. Look at the subtle movements of his/her body, it’s those little movements that let you know if your doing the right thing, or the no so right thing. Don’t forget to make eye contact, that’s very important and can help you learn the what he/she likes and creates a connection. Let’s not forget that communication is the key to great sex and great foreplay. If he/she can’t figure out what you like it’s time to let them know. Guide them to the area you like, let them know they found it and what you want them to do. Touch yourself in areas you want them to touch you. Or if all else fails, just let them know verbally. So take some time and let’s do this!

Moving Around

Let’s move the furniture around a bit for this month’s position. Not only does the Essence Chair recline but don’t forget the Companion Ottoman can move around the chair to offer additional support where you might need some. When your thinking about sex using our furniture, you must think 360 degrees. Recline the Essence Chair to it’s fully reclined position. Then move the Companion around to the side just like in the photo. It’s a simple he’s on bottom, she straddles him on top. But it’s not as simples as it seems. Because her legs are more open in this position it allows for deeper penetration for more intense pleasure. He can also lean back and rest his upper back on the Ottoman if his arms get a little tired or if he just wants a change but this will allow for him to go even deeper like never before. She’s in control and goes as slow or as fast as she wants. This chair position also works well with foreplay for both him and her. Either of you can sit or lay with you upper back on the Ottoman for a little action down under. But the most important thing to remember about this months position is to move around and explore the possibilities!

Trust… Balance…

This is one of Revel’s favorite positions for the Essence Chair You need to trust the structure and balance of the Essence Chair using this position. But trust Us, the chair will not tip over, and will fully support her kneeling on the top of the chair. So if your ready, hold on tight! Start with reclining the Essence Chair into it’s final fully reclined position, and remove the headrest. She positions herself in a kneeling position at the top of the Chair with her feet hanging over the edge. We found that a good pair of high heals can take this position to a whole new level. She may need a little help getting upright but once she is, it’s a very comfortable position for her. He is in a standing position, and let’s just say, has a great view. He is the drivers seat this month, but that doesn’t mean she does nothing. She can hold on to her ankles or her heals, grab his butt or lower back, or lean forward and hold onto the Chair for a deeper sensation. As he’s going in from behind he can kiss her neck, touch her back, put his hands in her hair, or just wrap his arms around her. The climax for both of you in this position is ridiculous! This position in traditional sex is very submissive for her. But with the Essence Chair she has just as much control as he does which will connect you in ways you would have never thought possible.

Keep it simple!

He’s sitting and she’s on top with her legs to his side, facing each other. Not a difficult position, but the possibilities to connect are UnReal! He can touch almost ever part of her body…hands on her butt, down her legs and ankles, up her back and front… to touch her in ways you never have! She’s in the drivers seat and able to control everything from pressure, depth, speed, and rhythm – all while being touched by him in ways that are new and exciting. This is the ultimate position for intimacy and connection. Don’t forget…you can take this single position and recline the chair into seven different positions. Just one position allows you seven times more fun. Enjoy!!