Our Story

Ten years of marriage, three kids, work, bills, homework, soccer coaching, PTA, Girl Scouts, etc – life was great and sex was good, but we barely had the time (or energy) to make it a priority....and creativity was at an all-time low.  We decided to do some research online and searched for sex furniture that would help "spice up" our sex life. We were hoping to make it a little easier to get to the next level of intimacy we’d been working so hard to reach. What we found was far from what we wanted: sex swings with chains and leather, giant chunks of foam wrapped in cheap fabric, inflatable furniture that looked like flotation devices…and some other wildcards that we won’t dare to mention. Our house is quaint and small with nowhere to hide dangling sex swings and colorful foam cubes from our curious kids. We knew there was a market for elegant furniture that served a sensual purpose, we were the target demographic, but we couldn’t find the right pieces. We were tired of looking, so we decided to build it for ourselves. Kevin had the tools, garage and the construction knowledge to do it, and Erin had the aesthetic and the business acumen to match, so we set forth to create what is now The Essence Chair, followed by The Odyssey Bed. Turns out, after we built our pieces, Revel Furniture was officially born!

We strive to create innovative and elegant furniture that enhances every moment of couples’ lives, whether they’re intimate moments or not. Our furniture is beautiful and made to be seen, never hidden in a closet, to remind us that sex and intimacy are essential and should always be a part of our lives, no matter how busy we get. Our sex lives adjust to accommodate packed schedules, aging bodies and evolving mindsets, and Revel Furniture is there to ease that process for life. Because our pieces are about so much more than just great sex: they inspire love, connection, intimacy, memories, moments, exploration and, most importantly, fun and excitement. We’re proud of how Revel Furniture has enhanced the lives of so many couples around the world – including our own! – and we look forward to helping you and your partner connect deeper than ever before.

-Kevin and Erin Jensen

If you're interested in setting up an interview, or just want to get more information about Revel Furniture, please contact Kevin or Erin.