Frequently Asked Questions : What will you Revel in? Revel Furniture designs and builds its furniture by hand with pride in the United States. We use only the highest quality hand-selected hard wood and follow a series of artisanal techniques to enhance form, function and durability. Here are some of our customers’ most common questions:


Q: What are your Payment Options?  We use Stripe & PayPal because they are secure platforms and accept all forms of credit cards.  If you would like special payment terms PLEASE contact us.  We want to help everyone improve their intimate lives and are willing to work with you to make it happen, you just need to ask so Please contact us.

Q: My box is damaged, now what?  Once boxes arrive at a customer's home you are responsible for inspecting the boxes before signing an acceptance.  If boxes unfortunately arrive damaged you should not accept them and we will work with the shipping company to fix the error.  Revel is not responsible for the products once they are signed for and accepted.  We will work with you to solve any problem, but it is best to not accept the box if there is an issue upon receiving them.  Please contact us if you have further questions.

Q: How do you ship the Essence Sex Chair & Odyssey Bed?  Revel Furniture takes every precaution to make sure that our furniture arrives to your home in perfect condition. Our furniture is shipped via freight ground carrier in wood/cardboard boxes specifically designed and packaged for safe transport. The boxes are unmarked and as discreet as the Chair and Bed itself. 

Q: Can I pick-up my furniture if I am local?  We love our local customers and will do everything possible to accommodate you. Because you will have to pay local taxes we will arrange a local pickup or personally deliver your items to you. 

Q: When will I receive my furniture?  As our products are custom made to order, we will keep you posted through the process and when your item is ready for shipping.  Shipping takes up to 5 business days from our site. Once the boxes have left our facility, you will get a tracking number and can monitor the progress to your door. 

  • Odyssey Bed typically takes 4-5 weeks until ready for shipping
  • Essence Chair typically takes 3-4 weeks until ready for shipping
  • Element Bench typically takes2-4 weeks until ready for shipping

Q: Where are you located & how can I get a hold of you?  We are located in the California Bay Area a little south of San Francisco. Revel Furniture 1163 Chess Drive, Suite L Foster City, CA 94404

Customer Service Number is: 650-931-4974

Q: What is your Cancellation and/or Return Policy?  If you cancel within the first week of placing your order, there will be a 15% charge back fee. There is no cancelation of any order after the first week since all our furniture is custom made to order. 

Q: Where can I see more feedback on your product? We are a discreet company that makes discreet sex furniture. As such, many of our customers don't want to open up publicly about their sex lives. We have had requests from many blogging sites that would like to review our chair but want it free and we're not able to give away our collection.  Until then if you feel comfortable sharing your experiences please tell us.  You can also read some of the articles published on us and interviews we have done on the media page.  We do get a lot of great feedback from our customers, everything has been positive. 

Q: What is the wood species? Our Essence Chair is made from hand selected solid Red Oak, which has the ability not only to be bent, but also hold that shape and still retain its strength. The entire framework of the Chair is built entirely from solid Red Oak giving the Essence sex chair unbelievable strength and durability. Our Odyssey Bed is made from hand selected solid Alder, which is also a hard wood with an amazing grain pattern that give the bed life. 

Q: What type of fabric is used on the chair and bed headboard? Our fabric is a hand-laid anti-microbial synthetic leather which is easily cleanable, stain resistant and durable. It also has the ability to instantly acclimate itself to your body temperature. To clean the fabric you just have to use a little bit of soap and water. 

Q: Can I get this cheaper?  We understand that price is always a factor, and we have worked to get the price down as low as possible. However, since each piece of furniture is hand fabricated, hand finished, hand upholstered, built to customers specifications, which makes each piece a custom piece of furniture. This is a piece of furniture, not a sex toy or not just a sex chair. This is an everyday piece of furniture, just like any other piece of furniture in your home, and it is priced comparably and built to last. However, we do offer a few different payment options, should that be of interest. Please contact us to find out more. 

Q: Do you sell outside of the United States?  We have done business in Canada but will ship wherever as long as our buyers are comfortable paying the shipping costs and local taxes.  We get great shipping rates so if you're interested in one of our pieces, Please review our International Page and send us your location and what you are interested in and we will send you a full quote.

Essence Chair:

Q: What are the Essence chair dimensions? A: Since the Essence chair has the ability to recline, the height and length dimensions will change, but the overall width is 20 inches with a length between 40-45 inches and a height between 26-45 inches. 

Q: Are there more positions than what you show on the positions page? A: It's a great question with a difficult answer. It all depends on what you are willing to try. Each person is a different shape and size, with different levels of flexibility, as well as comfort level in what they are willing to do, but the possibilities are somewhat endless. 

Q: How does the position release mechanism work on the Chair? A: The "pin" is a spring loaded, lockable pin, that can be set into different holes along the track. There are 2 pins, on each side of the bottom of the chair. To recline the chair, just pull and twist to lock it in the down position. The chair now has the ability to recline along its four rollers into the desired position. When reaching the desired position, simply pull and twist, and release the pins back into the holes along the track. The system is simple and easy.

Q: Is a head-rest still part of the package? A: As of May 2017 we have removed the headrest being a part of the Essence Chair package due to many different factors and feedback from our clients. We are working on updating the pictures on the site and re-photographing  our products with models.

Odyssey Bed:

Q: What sizes does the Odyssey Bed come in? A: The Odyssey Bed comes in Queen, Eastern King, and Cal. King. When placing the order please specify the size you are wanting in the comments section of the order page. We review all orders and will contact you to make sure all information is correct before we start fabrication. 

Q: Is the mattress and box spring included with the Odyssey? A: The mattress and box spring DO NOT come with your bed. There is however a platform for the bed so you could use just a mattress or a box spring and mattress. Either way, you need to provide your own.  When we built this bed we had a Sleep Number so that mattress and box spring setup also works. 

Q: What is the height of the Odyssey's headboard? A: Whether ordering a Queen, Eastern King, or a Cal. King, the Odyssey's headboard remains the same height of 58" from the floor to the top of the headboard. 

Q: What are the steps of the Odyssey's Bed Assembly? A: We made a video to show you step by step the installation.