Revel Furniture offers beautiful, sophisticated and hand-made pieces that help couples reach a level of intimacy that ordinary furniture can’t. Made to be seen, never hidden, Revel Furniture boasts sleek lines and elegant, discreet designs that become part of your home’s existing décor. Each piece offers a subtle reminder to make sex a priority and to enhance every moment with your partner. Revel Furniture: for better sex, deeper love and a blissful life.


Essence Chair

The Essence Chair is the only Sex Chair available that reclines to adjust and support every sexual position you can imagine. The steam-bent wood gives the chair it's beautiful lines and incredible strength. The Essence Chair is customizable, to work with the style of your home.



Odyssey Bed

We’ve created the most intimate and innovative bed you will ever find! Featuring built-in lighting, discreet storage and USB outlets. The Odyssey Bed was designed with hidden bells and whistles, and everything needed within arm’s reach. Adjustable and customizable, the Odyssey Bed truly gives new meaning to the term "functional furniture".




Our Element Bench  is a versatile way to add seating to nearly any room. You'll find this backless bench perfect as an additional seat in the dining room, kitchen, or even as a convenient spot to sit in the bedroom it was designed for.  Perfect to hold some of your prized toys and accessories and another location to move around to for some sexy time.

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